About Us

Kaylee, previously known as Mangoes, was founded in May of 2018 by Kayla Cameron. Kayla has always had a passion for the fashion industry. She has studied at Parsons in New York City in her earlier years as well as graduated from Iowa State University with a major in Apparel, Merchandising, and Design with a minor in Entrepreneurship in December of 2021.

After years of loving the fashion industry, Kayla decided to open Mangoes with the mission to provide an aesthetic experience that can not be replicated. From the minute she had the initial idea, she knew that the environment of the store would be crucial. The first idea was to have a huge orange wall behind the cash wrap with the rest of the store being bright white. She wanted to keep the interior bright as it represents the relaxed, flirty style of Mangoes. As you walk in the door, the latest music hits are playing and the vibes are high.

In 2021, the aesthetic of Mangoes changed and Kayla decided to change the name from Mangoes to Kaylee. Kaylee has been her nickname by family since she was small and is a much more personal name to her. As her business grows, she knew it was important for her to connect deeply with her brand. 

The business has now been open for 5 summers in Pentwater, MI with a second location coming to Ames, IA in August of 2022. 

To Kayla, understanding the Kaylee girl was beyond important. Kayla imagines the Kaylee woman as someone who is in her late teens/early 20s who loves bright colors and pushing the fashion boundaries while also remaining functional. The Kaylee women looks for any excuse possible to wear her new summer dress, even if it is just to the grocery store. She understands the importance of quality but is not willing to spend her whole paycheck as she is a student. In her free time, she loves to catch up on the latest influencer trends while simultaneously shopping for them. Her style is girly while also being comfortable. She loves her favorite pair or jeans but will switch them out for jogger with little hesitation.


Kayla Cameron